The Isshinryu Hall Of Fame

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2017 Isshinryu Hall Of Fame Award Finalist

The Isshinryu Hall of Fame Board of Directors 

are Proud to Announce the


2017 IHoF Finalists 

Winners will be announced at the 

Isshinryu Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony

Friday, July 21st, 2017

at the

Gatlinburg Convention Center

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Young Female Karate Ka 12 & Under

Rowan Adomaitis - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Shaelyn Carroll - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Catalina Concha-Martinez - National Fitness Morristown (TN)
Jenna Heiser - NJ Martial Arts (NJ)
Angelique Louie - Rigby's Karate Academy (DE)

Young Male Karate Ka 12 & Under

Trevor Adomaitis - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Ryan Conway - Delaware Bushido Academy (DE)
David Kraus, Jr - NJ Martial Arts Academy (NJ)
Taj Patel - Andalusia Isshinryu Karate (AL)
Landon Phelps - Okinawan Karate Clubs (MI)

Young Female Karate Ka 13 to 17

Samantha Agens - Black Dragon Karate Club, Inc (PA)
Jessica Johnsen - Ingram's Karate (FL)
Ashley Kraus - NJ Martial Arts (NJ)
Mindy Lunsford - Honeycutt School of Isshinryu (TN)
Rachel Rubin - Toshikai (ON)

Young Male Karate Ka 13 to 17 

Hayden Cogdell - Kelly's Heros (TN)
Michael Costigolia - Cape Fear Isshinryu (NC)
Anthony DeFeo - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Grant Dennis -Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai (TX)
Matthew Todd Lewis - Three Rivers Isshinryu (NC)

Female Karate Ka

Elizabeth Arnold - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Tina Kraus - NJ Martial Arts (NJ)
Shelby Laws - Eastern Shore Karate Academy (MD)
Mary Beth Simmelink - Three Rivers Isshinryu (NC)
Alice Webb - Cunningham's Isshinryu Karate (NC)

Male Karate Ka

Kyle Forrest - Kyle's Isshinryu Karate (NC)
Josh Lee - Cape Fear Isshinryu (NC)
Benjamin Aaron Moses - Traditional Okinawan Karate Institute (PA)
Lee Stafki - Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai (TX)
Scott Verhelle - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Female Instructor

Elizabeth Arnold - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Tina Palos - Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai (TX)
Angie Spencer - Spencer's Karate (VA)
Ryan Swanson - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Chris Szelap - Family Self Defense Center (MI)

Male Instructor

Hans Grohmann - NJ Martial Arts (NJ)
Ted Lambert - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Ryland Matthews, Jr - Three Rivers Isshinryu (NC)
Todd Mills - Pete Mills School of Isshinryu Karate (TN)
Mark Rudd - Andalusia Isshinryu Karate (AL)

Jr Female Competitor

Samantha Agens - Black Dragon Karate Club (PA)
Jordan Chapman - NJ Martial Arts (NJ)
Ameilia Chung - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Nina Sayyarpour - Powers Martial Arts Academy (OH)
Anika Trotman - Ingram's Karate (FL)

Jr Male Competitor

Alex Lengyel - NJ Martial Arts Academy (NJ)
Edward Miller - NJ Martial Arts Academy (NJ)
Zachary Kilduff - Golden Rule Karate & Fitness (NJ)
Taj Patel - Andalusia Isshinryu Karate (AL)
D.J. Robertson - Honeycutt School of Isshinryu (TN)

Female Competitor

Carol Brown - Cape Fear Isshinryu (NC)
Savanna McDavid - Kelly's Heros (TN)
Leah Rigby - Rigby's Karate Academy (DE)
Victoria Paskiet - Paskiet Karate Academy (PA)
Kim Platt - NJ Martial Arts Academy (NJ)

Male Competitor

Elijah Bailey - NJ Martial Arts (NJ)
Douglas Honeycutt - Honeycutt School of Isshinryu
Ryan Horsey - Delaware Bushido Academy (DE)
Lee Sloan - Karate Five (TN)

Dojo of the Year

Art Palmers School of Isshinryu Karate (TN)
Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Honeycutt School of Isshinryu Karate
Okinawa Budo Kai (MI)
Rigby's Karate Academy (DE)

The Don Nagle Sensei of Sensei

Susan Baldassi - Toshikai Dojo (ON)
Kyle Forrest - Kyle's Isshinryu Academy (NC)
Brent Holland - Cape Fear Isshinryu (NC)
Maria Kristensen - Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai (TX)
Chris Szelap - Family Self Defense Center (MI)

The Harold Long Spirit of Isshinryu

Charles Agens - Black Dragon Karate Club (PA)
Susan Baldassi - Toshikai Dojo (ON)
Kelly Carmona - NJ Martial Arts (NJ)
Scott Fawcett - Tenchi Isshinryu Karate (NJ)
Leslie Kaiser - Detroit Martial Arts (MI)

The Steve Armstrong Outstanding Contribution To Isshinryu

Carol Brown - Cape Fear Isshinryu (NC)
Kimberlei Carroll - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Christina Heiser - NJ Martial Arts (NJ)
Conell Loveless - Revolution Championship Martial Arts (MI)
Dell Norris - Jersey Judo Karate Academy (NJ)

The Harold Mitchum Humanitarian Award (Board Awarded)

Karate Five Dojo

The Tatsuo Shimabuku Lifetime Achievement Award (Board Awarded)

Tommy May

Induction Into The 2017 Isshinryu Hall Of Fame

Maria Kristensen 
John Myers
Art Palmer
Chuck Reynolds
Andrew Keith Smith
Linda Wilson
Carol Womack