The Isshinryu Hall Of Fame

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The Don Nagle Sensei of Sensei Award

Nomination Guidelines


The individual has been actively instructing black belt students for many years. He/she is an innovator, constantly working to improve their teaching methods. They teach their students how to be a Sensei, through hands-on experience as well as by setting an example. Although Isshinryu is their foundation, they have sought knowledge in other areas, and have lived a life that others want to emulate. They display the character, honor, and courage that other people aspire to. Their influence extends beyond the realm of their dojo and into the community. They are well respected by people outside of their own dojo organization, by non-martial artists as well as those within the martial arts community.


1. Must be a Roku-Dan or higher.

2.Must have at least 2 Generations of Students.


I understand that in order for my Nomination to be considered, it does meet the above listed requirements.