The Isshinryu Hall Of Fame

All Isshinryu Practitioners Building & Recognizing Master Tatsuo Shimabuku's Vision Together

Eugene Woods (Inducted in 2007)

Eugene Woods began his martial arts career in March of 1970 at the Detroit Karate Club, under the leadership of Grand Master Willie Adams. He was a dedicated student who trained very hard. Married with children, working and attending school, Master Woods preserved. During this time of growth and development Master Woods gained quite a tournament reputation and was rewarded with many trophies, awards and plaques.

In November of 1978, he received his Sho-dan black belt and the journey truly began. For Mr. Woods greater gains laid ahead and by the time 1982 rolled around Mr. Woods was appointed to a Sensei and received his teaching certificate. He taught for many years at Grand Master Adams many schools. He is a learned instructor dedicated to the preservation of traditional Isshinryu principals.

In 1995 Master Woods received the Spirit of Isshinryu Award. That was the first several inductions and accolades to come. In August of 2004, he saw his greatest dream come to fruition by the opening of the Detroit Martial Arts Institute. Master Woods shares his great wealth of knowledge with all who enter the door. His patient, firm, and fair teaching of Isshinryu principals continue to inspire and develop his many students into some of the finest martial artists around.

Master Woods is truly an inspiration to all who enter his dojo, his ultimate dream is to see the entire Isshinryu Community united as one, where training, sharing of knowledge and the brotherhood and spirit of Isshinryu karate will continue to grow and thrive…the journey continues.