The Isshinryu Hall Of Fame

All Isshinryu Practitioners Building & Recognizing Master Tatsuo Shimabuku's Vision Together

Harvey Kennedy (Inducted in 2008)

Harvey Kennedy began his journey in Isshinryu in 1967 while attending college at Louisiana Tech University. After watching a one man demonstration performed by Bill Pogue he then joined the brand new karate club on campus. Two years later he was awarded his black belt and became Mr. Pogue's assistant instructor. When Bill Pogue graduated in 1969 Harvey Kennedy became the instructor for the Louisiana Tech Isshinryu Karate Club from 1969-1971. Upon graduating Louisiana Tech in 1971 Harvey Kennedy moved back to Shreveport.

His first dojo the "Dixie National Karate Studio" was opened in Bossier City not long after he returned. In the mid 1980's he opened "Holistic Fitness" in downtown Shreveport. The dojo was moved to its current location in January of 1992 and renamed "Kennedy's Karate USA".

Throughout Harvey Kennedy's life he has accomplished many things. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Isshinryu Karate-Do Association. He was promoted to 7th Dan in early 1994 by Master Angi Uezu when he came to visit Harvey Kennedy's dojo in Shreveport. Harvey Kennedy was inducted into the Museum of Champions in Shreveport, along with Terry Bradshaw and other athletes from the Shreveport area. He hosts two karate tournaments a year, the Holiday in Dixie Martial Arts Tournament and the Deep South Martial Arts Championships. He has taught many seminars and clinics over the years in different states. He has participated in charity fundraisers such as the annual kick-a-thon hosted by Project Action. His dojo was named one of the top 100 Martial Arts Schools in North America. Harvey Kennedy has owned three businesses over the years and currently is still running two, the Karate Dojo and a tattoo shop. Harvey Kennedy has a lot of determination when it comes to the things he loves with a never say can't attitude.

Many of his students have gone on to become black belts and some even opened their own dojos. Harvey Kennedy has competed in numerous competitions and tournaments throughout the years. One of the most impressive that I have heard about was in 1991 at the USKA World Championship Tournament in New Orleans. Harvey Kennedy and his 2 other team mates beat Argentina in the final round and won first place!

For what ever reason students come to Kennedy's Karate USA they always get something extra out of the classes. Whether it is for discipline, self defense, or even just an extra curricular activity, it always becomes more than that. Harvey Kennedy brings the spirit of Isshinryu into every one of his student's lives.