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Wayne Wayland (Inducted in 2008)

Wayne Wayland was born September 28, 1953. He began studying Isshin-Ryu with Master Karl Hovey in Virginia in the early 70’s and received his Shodan in 1974 jointly from Master Hovey and Master Donald Bohan. From 1974-1985, Wayne worked as a police officer in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He remained a student of Master Bohan for over 20 years, eventually earning the rank of Roku Dan in 1996. When Master Bohan became ill, Wayne helped to care for him until his death February 9th, 1998.

Wayne also trained in the Bando system with Master Rick Niemira and Master Bob Maxwell beginning in 1976 and earned the rank of Yon Dan in that style shortly before Master Niemira’s death in 1988. He remains active in the Bando System still today.

Between 1973 and 1991, Wayne competed extensively up and down the East Coast. In June 1981 and June 1982, he sponsored two Isshin-Ryu/Bando Team Martial Arts Championships to raise money for the March of Dimes. Wayne was an active member of the AOKA 1976-2000 and was presented the Spirit of Isshin-Ryu Award by the AOKA in 1998. In January of 2003, Wayne was awarded the rank of Nana Dan by Masters Chester Holubecki, Ed McGrath, Gary Alexander, and Denny Shaffer.

In June 2003, Sensei Wayland was inducted into OIKKA Hall Of Fame (Master Angi Uezu Isshin-Ryu Karate-Do). He has been a member of the Bando Association since 1976 and has been a member of the Isshin-Ryu Network, a small private Isshin-Ryu association since 2000.

Sensei Wayland has rendered an incredible service to everyone who studies Isshin-Ryu Karate-Do by his efforts to present historical photos, articles, and published essays on the Donald Bohan Memorial Website – started July 6, 2003 ( This site is quite possibly the largest archive of such documents collected anywhere. Not only has he preserved all these precious bits of our collective history but also he has presented them in an easily accessible public forum so anyone may enjoy and learn from them.

Sensei Wayland is the Vice President of Control Technologies, Inc. (a software development company located in Fredericksburg, VA). He and his wife Elizabeth have three daughters: Verona, Cara, and Elisha. He is currently writing a book on the life, studies, and teachings of Master Donald Bohan.