The Isshinryu Hall Of Fame

All Isshinryu Practitioners Building & Recognizing Master Tatsuo Shimabuku's Vision Together

George Reynolds (Inducted in 2010)

Master George Reynolds started his martial arts career in 1968 under Grand Master David Praim of Karate Institute in Detroit, Michigan. He received his Black Belt in May 3, 1970.  Kl gave him the challenges a young kid needed to become focused and productive in the community.  Master Praim always helped those around him and these and other qualities were instilled in his martial arts and personal careers. Under Master Praim's instruction George became a national rated competitor in kata and kumite winning many awards and trophies from national competition.

In 1971 George was drafted into the U.S. Army and immediately signed up for another year during the Viet Nam era and achieved   the M.O.S. (Military  Occupation  Specialty  ) of Air Defense  Electrical  I Electronic Repair man for Vulcan  I Chaparral Missile Systems and German Interpreter.

After the tour of duty in the service, George received permission to train under Grand Master Willie Adams in lsshinryu Karate. During his career in lsshinryu he has been a supporter of the Martial community and as a result of his 35 years of training in lsshinryu has been promoted to his present rank of 7th Dan.

In 2004 Master Reynolds partnered with Master Woods to open Detroit Martial Arts Institute, located at 13030 W. 7 Mile Rd, Detroit, Ml 48235.  He designed the floor plan, engineered the communication system, and worked with contractors to develop a 4500 sq ft state of the art facility that has day and evening classes 6 days a week.

Having the dojo opened Master Reynolds saw an additional opportunity to allow at risk children to be included in the benefits of martial arts.  He worked to develop the 3500 sq ft. - Detroit Life Skills facility. It's a 501C3 corporation with the mission to provide structured academic tutoring, foreign language instruction, computer skills and martial arts training in our alter school program to High Risk urban elementary thru high school students.

We have several transportation vehicles that pick children up from their school and bring them to our licensed Karate Instead of Daycare (K.I.D.) facility.  We prov1de them with a nutritious meal and time to do their homework.  We provide tutors if needed and time available to work in our computer lab that houses 12 internet connected computers for assisting them in their homework and research.   Our alter school program rivals any established facility; we provide life skills that are essential for today's youth.  And we have opened the availability to more people by accepting DHS recipients that would be overlooked because of financial restraints. We strive to be available to our community by providing programs for young children to mature adults for martial arts, daycare facilities, after school programs, summer camp and ballroom dancing.

He is presently President of Detroit Martial Arts Institute, LLC, G. E. Funding Inc, Detroit Life Skills, and Environmental Building Services LLC.  He enjoys challenges and working with positive people.

Master Reynolds has been practicing martial arts from 1968 to present (42 years) and is Senior Instructor of Detroit Martial Arts Institute.  He has been awarded the 1992 Michigan Hall of Fame award, the 2000 Spirit of Isshinryu, and the 2008 Yellow Tigers Hall of Fame.