The Isshinryu Hall Of Fame

All Isshinryu Practitioners Building & Recognizing Master Tatsuo Shimabuku's Vision Together

Javier Martinez (Inducted in 2011)

Born in 1958 in Puerto Rico, Javier Martinez started Karate at the Sensei Russell P. Best Dojo in Fort Buchannan at the age of 12. When Sensei Best was transferred the dojo was closed and he continued studying with Master Chester Holubecki.

Master Martinez has been a successful competitor in tournaments, winning championships in both  kata and kobudo, and  has conducted numerous self-defense seminars in the United States,  Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.  Two of his most notable accomplishments were the  establishment of the Puerto Rico Isshin-Ryu Karate Association and the Caribbean Isshin-Ryu Karate Association.

A publisher by profession, Mr. Martinez has produced several magazines which placed him in contact with many of the important figures in the martial arts from around the world.  In addition, in the last decade he has researched, authored and published six books on Isshin-Ryu and Okinawan karate (Chinto, Naihanchi, Seiuchin, Kusanku, Secrets of Okinawan Karate, and The Art of Tuite), all of which have been successful in the marketplace.  His hobbies include the hand-making and playing of guitars.

n 1980, he married Angie Betancourt, and they have two sons and one daughter.  All of them are black belts and continue the family tradition of Isshinryu.