The Isshinryu Hall Of Fame

All Isshinryu Practitioners Building & Recognizing Master Tatsuo Shimabuku's Vision Together

Richard Norris (Inducted in 2011)

Richard K. Norris was born April 20, 1958.  He started training at the age of 13 and has been training consistently for the past 39 years.  His training began after responding to an ad by Shihan Dale Jenkins in a church rectory in February of 1972.  He has 86 Dans under his leadership and over 300 students in his Association.

He is the Vice President of the American Isshinryu and a member of the AOKA Inc.; he was honored as Master Instructor by Don Nagle and his AOKA Inc. and honored for Silver Life Achievement Award by Don Nagle and his AOKA Inc.

The schools under Shihan Norris have a tremendous impact on the youth in the entire area, making martial arts classes available through various public schools and recreational programs at prices that students and parents can afford.  His school has never been about making money; rather it has been about the spread of Isshinryu to as many people as he can.  He started recreational karate programs in Jefferson, Morristown, and Hanover Township, and the YMCA program in Randolph.   He also runs his annual summer camp (full week sleepover camp), which is in its 26th year.  This Camp has approximately 150 students and 60 Dans attending per year.

Shihan Norris is married to Dellora Norris (nee Tate) 30 years, who is also a black belt (Nana Dan) and father of two daughters, Kristen (25) and Katelyn (23), both of whom are San Dans.