The Isshinryu Hall Of Fame

All Isshinryu Practitioners Building & Recognizing Master Tatsuo Shimabuku's Vision Together

Cindy Ingram (Inducted in 2012)

Cindy Ingram was born March 20, 1959 in Baltimore Maryland.  She moved to Florida when she was 10 years old.  When she was in Junior High School , she was walking home from school and saw a karate dojo that had just opened.  She would look in the window and try to see what was happening.  In that school, her future husband was training.   She asked her parents to let her take karate classes and they refused her request because they thought that karate people were “weirdoes.”  Then during her Junior Year of high school in Tarpon Springs Florida, she met John Ingram.  They were married in 1977 and she began training with her husband at the Isshin-ryu dojo which had since moved to New Port Richey; she was 18 years old.  

Cindy, who didn’t think she wanted to ever fight, became obsessed with kumite.  She traveled to every tournament she could, at least two per month.  In 1989 she traveled the NASKA circuit; that year she won the U.S. Open, the Diamond Nationals, and took second in the Battle of Atlanta along with many other wins.  That year she was awarded NASKA Rookie of the year.  She then started training hard with Master Harold Mitchum (who became her and John’s Sensei in 1986).  She decided that she needed to work harder on kata and kobudo, and from there won the kata and kobudo divisions in Florida against men.  She then won the State titles in all three: kata, kobudo and kumite all in the same year and was awarded the Warriors Cup in 1994.  In 1996 Cindy was inducted into the Florida  Hall of Fame.  Cindy’s last tournament was the IWKA World Championships in 1997 in New York, where she won the Masters Kata Division (she did that for Master Mitchum).  She has been studying and or teaching Isshin-ryu for 34 years.  She is a seventh-degree black belt and is Sensei Mitchum's senior and top female karate student.

For the past 15 years, Cindy has spent her efforts spreading Isshin-ryu worldwide by training her students to compete all over the world through the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union).  Her students have brought home medals for Isshin-ryu from Scotland, Spain, Japan, Germany, Slovenia, and Italy, to name a few.  Most recently in 2010 , she and her husband John sent students to the WKC (World Karate Confederation) Junior World Championships in Italy where they came back with three Gold Medals and three bronze medals for the United States!  Cindy also played an integral part in getting Isshin-ryu kata accepted by the AAU National Committee, and now Isshin-ryu has its own mandatory kata division at the AAU National Championships!  John and Cindy have 2 awesome daughters, Ashley and Sheri.  Sheri Angwin has taken over the running of the dojos along with Cindy’s awesome adopted daughter Jennifer Davenport.  Sheri and Jen are best friends and have trained with John and Cindy since they were little girls! 
Cindy is currently the Secretary for the United Isshin-ryu Karate Association,  the Regional Head Coach for AAU Karate in Florida and coaches one of the top AAU teams in the country.