The Isshinryu Hall Of Fame

All Isshinryu Practitioners Building & Recognizing Master Tatsuo Shimabuku's Vision Together

Dan Harrison (Inducted 2013)

Master Dan Harrison started his training in Isshinryu in 1983 in Bolingbrook, Illinois under Master Steve Young.  He achieved his Shodan in 1986.  He was an active competitor in the Chicago area and the region.  In 1988, Sensei Harrison left for the U.S. Army. 


While in the Army, Sensei Harrison was a member of the post karate team in Baumholder, Germany from 1989-90.  He represented the post team/AOKA/Isshinryu in competition at: Bad Kruznach, Hinzweiler, and Baumholder, Germany;and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in Belgium. PFC Harrison was featured in Stars & Stripes for winning competitions for the post team while at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in Belgium against other NATO soldiers.


In 1990, Sensei Harrison was deployed with the 82nd Airborne to the Middle East.  During the deployment of Operation Desert Shield, he trained squad members in Isshinryu while in Saudi Arabia.  After returning to Ft. Bragg, NC, Sensei Harrison traveled to Camp Lejeune to train with Master Don Bohan.


In 1992, Sensei Harrison attended the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Back in Chicago, he was able to continue his training under Master Steve Young. Still active in competition, Sensei Harrison continued to promote Isshinryu at various competitions including repeated competition at the Hall of Fame tournament, the Ontario Nationals by Master Kersey, the North American Karate Championship by Master Adams, the Connecticut Karate Championship by Master Lizotte, and over 25 AOKA Grand Nationals. 


His hard work was recognized in 1993 when he received the AOKA Outstanding Black Belt Male award.  In 2000, he was the Spirit of Isshinryu recipient for his 17 years of dedication to Isshinryu and the AOKA.  Sensei Harrison received his Roku Dan from the AOKA National Board in 2003.  After retiring from competition, he wanted to share Isshinryu through seminars and teaching other instructors.  For his continued contribution, the AOKA National Board promoted Sensei Harrison to Nana Dan in 2009.


Currently, Sensei Harrison lives in the Phoenix area, where he is active in the local tournament circuit.  He travels to dojos in the region to train and share Isshinryu with others.