The Isshinryu Hall Of Fame

All Isshinryu Practitioners Building & Recognizing Master Tatsuo Shimabuku's Vision Together

J.H. Kim (Inducted 2014)

Master Jeung H.Kim is a graduate of Kent State University where he earned his B.A. and Education. Master Kim
served in the US Army 4th Armored Division– 24th Combat Engineer Battalion in Nuremberg, Germany. He was also a member of the All European Armed Forces Rifle Team. Master Kim is a retired College Professor of Education who holds martial art  ranks in TaeKwonDo, 6th Dan, Jui  Jitsu 8th Dan and 10th Dan in karate. Master Kim began his Martial Arts training in Korea as a child under Master Chull Hee Park. In1961He began Isshinryu training under Master Harry Acklin in Cleveland,Ohio.It is here where he met and trained with Master Tatsuo Shimabuku. Master Kim continued his training with Masters Kichiro Shimabuku, Master Angi Uezu,and Master Don Nagle. Master Nagle promoted Hanshi Kim to 9th Dan in Isshinryu.  In 2010 he was promoted by a Board of Karate Masters to the rank of 10th Dan.


Master Kim has been involved in competing, teaching, coaching, officiating and promoting Isshinryu karate for more than fifty years.He was widely known as a top award winning competitor who won countless competitions due to his highly skilled and technically correct executed karate techniques. After retiring from competition, he used his expertise to produce along list of champions locally,nationally and internationally. Professor Kim has formed successful karate clubs and schools in Ohio and New Jersey. As a college professor, he taught  accredited Isshinryu Karate Classes at Brookdale Community College for thirty years. He also introduced and taught the first karate and self-defense program at Kent State University in the late sixties. Master Kim suggested to Master Kichiro Shimabuku the need to bring together Isshinryu karate-ka in the USA for a national tournament. The I.W.K.A.World Championships was the result of his idea and in 1981hesponsored the first Isshinryu World Champions.  Hanshi Kimwas also the first Isshinryu Sensei to coach a National USA Team in a World Championship.


As a national and international coach for the AAU and USA Karate Federation under the U.S.Olympic Committee, Master Kim coached many prestigious international events including the1980 (WUKO) World Championships in Spain,the1984 World Championships in Holland,the1985 Eastern Europe Karate Championship in Hungary,the1991Fukuoka World Cup in Japan,the1997 FrenchIntl. Good Will Karate Cup and many,many more. When he was not coaching national teams,he was officiating national and internationalevents and earned his international officials license. Master Kim was a representative to the US Olympic Committee's Coaches Education Symposium and Sport Psychology Symposium. The1986US Olympic Committee and USA Karate Federation" Man of the Year"award,1997AOKA"Master Instructors Award, and the1988 US Olympic Committee and USA Karate Federation"Distinguished Service Award"are amongmany in recognition for his contributionsand leadershipto Isshinryu Karate and the Martial Arts.