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2016 Isshinryu Hall Of Fame Award Finalist

The Isshinryu Hall of Fame Board of Directors 

are Proud to Announce the


2016 IHoF Finalists 

Winners will be announced at the 

Isshinryu Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

at the

Gatlinburg Convention Center

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Young Female Karate Ka 12 & Under

Shaelyn Carroll - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Ameilia Chung - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Destiny Greenwood - Detroit Martial Arts (MI)
Sarah Ramadan - Black Dragon Karate Club (PA)
Laura Ann Wasson - Morse School of Isshinryu Karate (IL)

Young Male Karate Ka 12 & Under

Hayden Cogdell - Kelly's Heroes (TN)
Tripp Little - Cunningham's Isshinryu Karate Dojo (NC)
Ryan Marker - Rigby's Karate Academy (DE)
William Miller - NJ Martial Arts Academy (NJ)
Taj Patel - Andalusia Isshinryu Karate (AL)

Young Female Karate Ka 13 to 17

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Arnold - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Jocelyn DeFuria - NJ Martial Arts Academy (NJ)
Neha Gogineni - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Ryan Swanson - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Hannah Webb - Cunningham Isshinryu Karate (NC)

Young Male Karate Ka 13 to 17 

Marcus Campbell - Karate Five Dojo (TN)
Andrew Gunter - Roane School of Isshinryu (TN)
Ram Kiru - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Ethan Shah - Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai (TX)
Abhay Vohra - Family Self Defense Center (MI)

Female Karate Ka

Carol Brown - Cape Fear Isshinryu (NC)
Kimberly Platt - NJ Martial Arts Academy (NJ)
Leah Rigby - Rigby's Karate Academy (DE)
Stacy Strunk - Midwest School of Isshinryu (IL)
Aimey Ellis Weaver - Honeycutt School of Karate (TN)

Male Karate Ka

Robert Agens - Black Dragon Karate Club (PA)
Wayne Lunsford - Honeycutt School of Isshinryu (TN)
Guy Sidbury - Cape Fear Isshinryu (NC)
Michael Tielleman - Rigby's Karate Academy (DE)
Keith Webb - Cunningham's Isshinryu Karate Dojo (NC)

Female Instructor

Tanaz Naterwala - Family self Defense Center (MI)
Tina Palos - Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai (TX)
Jami Schmid - The Wheeler Academy (TN)
Chris Szelap - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Linda Wilson - Karate Five Dojo (TN)

Male Instructor

Eric Bradberry - Art Palmer's School of Isshinryu Karate (TN)
Byron Holland - Cape Fear Isshinryu Karate (NC)
Dan Patten - Okinawan Isshinryu Karate, LLC (NJ)
Danny Potts - The Wheeler Academy (TN)
Ed Turnington - Roane School of Isshinryu Karate (TN)

Jr Female Competitor

Samantha Agens - Black Dragon Karate Club (PA)
Shaelyn Carroll - Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Gabrielle Mediratta - Cape Fear Isshinryu Karate (NC)
Kila Owens - Andalusia Isshinryu Karate (AL)
Sidney Wissman - Delaware Bushido Academy (DE)

Jr Male Competitor

Hayden Cogdell - Kelly's Heros (TN)
Joshua Connolly - Don Nagle's Isshinryu Karate (NJ)
Nicholas Olsen - Rigby's Karate Academy (DE)
Taj Patel - Andalusia Isshinryu Karate (AL)
Dalton Spears - Andalusia Isshinryu Karate (AL)

Female Competitor

Aubrey Holland - Cape Fear Isshinryu (NC)
Kayla Manning-Tora - Karate Five Dojo (TN)
Elizabeth Olsen - Rigby's School of Isshinryu (DE)
Leah Rigby - Rigby's School of Karate (DE)
Kacy Schnake - Roane School of Isshinryu (TN)

Male Competitor

Robert Agens - Black Dragon Karate Club (PA)
Ben Gibson - Art Palmer's School of Isshinryu Karate (TN)
Donald Larkin - Honeycutt School of Isshinryu (TN)
Chuck Mady - Mady's Martial Arts (Ont, Canada)
Michael Tielleman - Rigby's Karate Academy (DE)

Dojo of the Year

Andalusia Isshinryu Karate (AL)
Art Palmers School of Isshinryu Karate (TN)
Cape Fear Isshinryu (NC)
Family Self Defense Center (MI)
Karate Five Dojo (TN)

Sensei of Sensei

Brent Holland - Cape Fear Isshinryu (NC)
Kevin Kumpf - Isshinryu Karate Academy (PA)
Melbert Lee, Jr. - Karate Five Dojo (TN)
Salil Nadkarni - Isshinryu Karate & Kobudo Association of India (Pune, India)
Howard Steele - Delaware Bushido Academy (DE)

Spirit of Isshinryu

Charles Agens - Black Dragon Karate Club (PA)
Al Bailey - Isshinryu Karate School (MD)
Steven Edwards - Roane School of Isshinryu (TN)
Connell Loveless - Revolution Martial Arts (MI)
Andy Sloane - Marine Base Camp Foster Dojo (Ok, Japan)

Outstanding Contribution To Isshinryu

To Be Announced

Humanitarian Award

To Be Announced

Induction Into The 2016 Isshinryu Hall Of Fame