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Judging  Time / Score Keeper Registration

Before Registering To Judge Or Keep Time You Must Read The IHOF Rules Page And Complete The Waiver Form Below
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Isshinryu Hall Of Fame Rules Review

  1. A competitor will be allowed to compete in 1 Kata, 1 Kumite, and 1 Weapons division for a total of 3 divisions.
  2. Divisions may be split / combined at the discretion of the Tournament Officials based on number of competitors.
  3. All competitors are required to wear a clean traditional karate Gi in good repair.   No cut-off sleeves, tears, etc. will be permitted.
  4. Kumite Team-Style Gis WILL be allowed in Kumite Only  (clean in good repair w/out cut-off sleeves, etc.).
  5. On any dispute not clearly covered, the designated Hall of Fame official shall render a final ruling.





0 - 8, using two decimal places. (5.00 to 7.00 range for under black belt,  6.00 to 8.00 range for black belt)  When five judges are used, the highest and the lowest score will not be considered.  The three remaining "good" scores will be totaled.  When using three judges, all scores will be considered.



The lowest of the three "good" scores will be added to the totals.   If the tie remains, the highest of the three "good" scores will be added to the totals.  If the tie still remains, the contestants will perform Kata of their choice.


Second Tie

Judges point to winner on command.



Only authentic Isshin-ryu weapons (Bo, Sai, Tuifa) which are kept under constant control are permitted.  Judges may inspect competitor weapons prior to the start of the division making mental note of any discrepancies found such as weight, length, etc.  Such discrepancies may result in a lower score being awarded, if in the opinion of the judge, the weapon is too light, too short, etc.  (i.e.: “competition” bo)  However, a judge may not discuss his opinion with the other judges.


Forgets Kata

Each judge deducts one whole point from score.


Grand Championships

Black Belt Junior kata winners (age 17 & under) will compete for Black Belt Junior Kata Grand; (Female & Male 2 Divisions Compete Separately)

Black Belt Ladies Kata winners and Black Belt Ladies Weapon winners will compete for Ladies Kata Grand;

Men Black Belt kata division winners and men black belt weapons division winners compete for Men Grand Kata.

Each competitor will be required to perform the winning Kata plus a second Kata of his/her choice. 

The Grand Champion will be determined by the total score of both Katas.  

All Grand Champion Competitions Will Be Held At The End Of The Event

(Master division winners and senior division winners are eligible.)


Length Of Contest

1. All Kyu Ranks & Junior Black Belts (Age 17 & Under) - 3 Confirmed Points.

2. Adult Black Belts – 5 Confirmed Points.

    *Confirmed Point - 3 of 5 judges must award a point to a competitor to be “confirmed.”


Competing Against Same Dojo Members

All Competitors from the same dojo will be separated and not compete against each other in the "First Round Only"

After the frst round competitors will compete according to the Bracket in which they fall.


Safety Equipment

Groin cup, mouthpiece, soft hands, feet, and headgear are required. 

Soft Rubber Kumite shoes are permitted but are subject to inspection by the Center Referee to assure that they meet IHOF Safety Standards..


Target Areas

Head (not the face), side of neck (not throat), ribs, chest, abdomen, collarbone, kidneys, and groin.

Note: Groin attacks are to be from the front only, no under kicks are allowed. All ranks: No exceptions!



Sweeps to back, lower front leg to unbalance only are allowed if combined with attempt to score a point. 



Contact is not necessary to score a point. Excessive contact will be penalized by a penalty point or disqualification (Judges vote). 



Running out of the ring, fighting after "STOP" command will result in penalty point or disqualification (Judges vote). 



Any disrespectful behavior toward an opponent or an official will be grounds for disqualification (Judges vote).

Instructor or other supporter behavior may cause disqualification of a competitor (Judges vote).


Black Belt Grand Championships

Black  Belt  Ladies Kumite  division  winners  will  compete  for  Ladies

Grand Championship.  Black  Belt  Men Kumite  Division  winners  will  compete

for Men Grand Championship.  Each match shall be 5 POINTS.

(Masters division winners and senior divisions winners are eligible.)
All Grand Champion Competitions Will Be Held At The End Of The Event.



  • I understand that the practice of Martial Arts, and specifically, tournament competition, is inherently a contact sport, and as such, I know that physical injury can occur. As consideration for being allowed to compete in this karate tournament, I hereby assume all responsibility for and all risk of damage or injury that may occur as a participant in this tournament. Specifically, I agree to release and will hold harmless and fully indemnify for any claims which might arise, the Isshinryu Hall of Fame, the Gatlinburg Convention Center, and any persons affiliated with this tournament in any way from any and all claims or causes of action on account of any injury which may occur from my participation in the Isshinryu Hall of Fame Tournament. I fully understand that any medical treatment given to me will be of First- Aid treatment only. By signing this document, I acknowledge that I have read the rules and agree to abide by them and assume full responsibility for any and all my actions during this tournament. If under the age of 18 years, a parent or legal guardian must also sign the waiver.