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All Isshinryu Practitioners Building & Recognizing Master Tatsuo Shimabuku's Vision Together

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Isshinryu Hall of Fame

Annual Yearbook Journal

The Isshinryu Hall of Fame does not 'sell' any award recognitions. 

The IHoF Event is supported by many people on many levels.

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Grand Championship Sponsorship


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  • One Friday Seminar Pass ($55)
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Yearbook Past Inductee Tribute


  • Recognizing & Honoring those in your lineage.
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Yearbook Friendship Memorial


  • Say congratulations to current nominees & division finalists
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Exhibitor, Display & Vendor Tables


  • Includes both Friday & Saturday
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Yearbook Journal Details

As part of this prestigious event, the Hall of Fame Board of Directors is pleased to offer an annual Yearbook Journal as to to honor each induction class with a biography about each lifetime inductee, recognize the finalists in each annual category, pay tribute to past inductees and provide a vehicle to memorialize other practitioners.  

Each Award Ceremony attendee receives a personal souvenir copy of the Yearbook Journal.

(Over 500 copies will be distributed FREE plus it will be published online)

The program is also a wonderful way to get the word out to like-minded individuals who may show interest in various training venues (your seminars, for example) & equipment (custom weapons, books, etc) offered throughout the year by people like you.

We are now offering as part of the program a special section dedicated to remembering past inductees and a section to memorialize other Isshin-Ryu practitioners who are no longer with us.  Please see the pricing below if you are interested in showing your love and support for others within the Art.